Flickr Groups

Flickr Groups are themed image collections created by members of the Flickr photograph-sharing community. There are thousands of Flickr Groups, and more are created daily. The size and quality of images within the groups varies, but overall I am impressed with the images I find there. Copyright protection varies by photographer. A very popular protection on the site is the Creative Commons license, which allows anyone to use, distribute, and change the photograph as long as attribution is given to the creator. To the right of each photograph the copyright information is displayed.
Selected groups:
- Antique Furniture
- Church Furnishings
- Objects from the Past
- Pottery, Ceramics, and Dishes
- Victorian Interior Design & Residential Architecture


The Getty Foundation provides support to institutions and individuals in Los Angeles and throughout the world, funding a diverse range of projects that promote the understanding and conservation of the visual arts. The website includes images of many work in their collection that can be browsed by artist, type of art, or subject. Use of Getty images is allowed for purposes that fall within fair use (see full image use guidelines).
Selected galleries:
- Fireplace Accessories
- Textiles
- Decorative Objects and Vases
- Furniture
- Implements and Costumes

Metropolitan Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts 6,500 images of works from their permanent collection on their website. The images are divided into collections by theme, time period, and geography, and there is also a search feature that can be used to locate a specific work. The images may be used in unaltered form for non-commercial educational purposes, as long as the artist and museum website address are cited.
Selected galleries:
- Costume
- Musical Instruments
- Pottery and Ceramics
- Furniture
- Metal

Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has digital images of over 300,000 pieces from their collection available on their website. The collection can be browsed, searched, or viewed through interactive tours. A feature called MyMFA allows you to bookmark images to a free account for future use. Images from the website are free to use for educational purposes. See image use policy.
Selected galleries:
- Jewelry
- Textiles and Fashion Arts
- American Decorative Arts

NYPL Digital Gallery

The New York Public Library Digital Gallery provides access to over 550,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more. Most of the works are in the public domain and the photographs provided can be used for educational purposes, though a fee is required for using the images for commercial use.
Selected galleries:
- Dress and Fashion
- Wallpaper
- Textiles
- Decorative Arts
- Furniture

Otis Collection of Artist's Books

This unique collection contains representative images of artist books in the Otis collection, with the intent of providing an educational resource for art historians, teachers, artists, and students. One can browse the collection, or search by author, publisher, book type, binding, process, or subject. The images are large and of fantastic quality.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is a huge media repository maintained by volunteers. The website has hundreds of thousands of files of images, sounds, and videos for many disciplines. The Art section allows you to browse images from various access points, such as country, culture, genre, period, artist, collectors, etc. Navigation through the various links of the site can be time-consuming, so if you are searching for a specific artwork or artist it would be best to use the search feature (since images are hidden until you get to the most specific category). All of the media files on the site are supposed to be available for educational use-- the specific license conditions of each file can be found on their description pages.
Selected galleries:
- Furniture
- Decorative Arts In The Louvre
- Textiles
- Ceramics
- Jewelry
- Food Equipment

World Images Kiosk

The World Images Kiosk is a collection of over 50,000 images hosted by California State University. The collection is very multi-cultural and it's a great resource for non-western art, which can often be difficult to find online in English. All images may be used freely for educational purposes.
Selected galleries:
- Furnishings
- Clothing and Jewelry