Flickr Groups

Flickr Groups are themed image collections created by members of the Flickr photograph-sharing community. There are thousands of Flickr Groups, and more are created daily. The size and quality of images within the groups varies, but overall I am impressed with the images I find there. Copyright protection varies by photographer. A very popular protection on the site is the Creative Commons license, which allows anyone to use, distribute, and change the photograph as long as attribution is given to the creator. To the right of each photograph the copyright information is displayed.
Selected groups:
- Arquitectura Antigua Guatemala
- Arquitectura en Venezuela
- Capitales Latinoamericanas / Latin American Capitals
- Chiapas, Mexico
- Chicana/o Art, History y Cultura
- Frida Kahlo y Diego Rivera
- Latin American Cities
- Meseos de Iberoamérica
- Spanish Colonial

World Images Kiosk

The World Images Kiosk is a collection of over 50,000 images hosted by California State University. The collection is very multi-cultural and it's a great resource for non-western art, which can often be difficult to find online in English. All images may be used freely for educational purposes.
Selected galleries:
- Latin American Colonial
- Mexican & Mexican American Modern
- Missions & Mexican American Life
- Latin American Interactions
- Mask Images from Guatemala